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Thursday, 19 June 2014

USB Logitech microphone support in Kazam on Linux

I had an issue where my USB Logitech microphone would not show up in the Kazam Screencast application.  Linux sound record could see the microphone, and I could record audio through sound recorder from the microphone, but Kazam could not.

I ended up creating a loopback Pulse Audio device using:

pactl load-module module-null-sink sink_name=Virtual1    
pactl load-module module-loopback latency_msec=1 sink=Virtual1 

In Kazam, I would select Sound from speakers (not sound from microphone):

In preferences, for Speakers, select the microphone.

Now the sound recording will be relayed through the microphone to Kazam.  There won't be any speaker output, so there will be no feedback.

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