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Monday, 23 December 2013

Making sodas with Primo Flavorstation [day 18 of 20-days-of-posts series]

I already owned a SodaStream system, but I figured I'd give this a try, since the price is right. A SodaStream canister is $30, so you can't go wrong getting a canister that is larger + a whole system for only $5 more.

It doesn't carbonate into a 1L or 0.5L bottle like the SodaStream. Instead, it's more like the single cup coffee makers. I've found that it seems to hold about 355ml of water (my glass holds exactly 355ml, the same size as a can of soda). Adjust the FSS button to control the size of the bubbles, press the carbonate button a few times (until you hear the buzz sound), then with your glass on the tray, press down on the lever to dispense the soda into the glass. You can either then add any syrups (or like I do, have them already in the glass before you pore in the carbonated water).

The perks are that it comes with a CO2 canister that is a standard paintball canister (but beverage grade, not like it makes much of a difference). You pop on an adapter that lets you plug the canister into the system. You can get the 20oz canister (larger than SodaStream's 14.5oz) refilled anywhere canisters are refilled. You can also plug in any standard paintball canister into the adapter that plugs into the system. Added bonus, the system also comes with an adapter to screw onto any SodaStream canister, so if you can't find any paintball refill locations, you can always just buy yourself a SodaStream canister to use with the system.

With the initial charge, I obtained 65L of carbonated beverage with a 20oz canister filled with 16oz of CO2.  I've refilled the canister for $9 at a local homebrew store.

The unit comes with two kinds of tank threads.  A green one that will fit SodaStream canisters and a grey one that fits Primo canisters.

The machine makes great carbonated beverage with the level of carbonation and bubble-size controlled by two machine mechanisms.

Easy instructions from the manual.

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