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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Upcoming 20-days-of-posts...

I have a long list of interesting posts that have been peculating for the past few months.  I've decided to get them hammered out and posted in the first "annual?" 20-days-of-posts, which just happens to lead right up to Christmas.

I've decided to leave the titles omitted in the schedule (but I've provided the tags)  so that there is still some mystery each day :) [I'll populate them the days tick-by]

  1. Living with a laptop without a trackpoint or without a middle mouse button (linux)
  2. ThinkPad keyboard overlay for non-ThinkPads(lego, linux)
  3. My original Raspberry Pi server lego case (pi, lego)
  4. USB WebMail Notifier (pi, lego, linux)
  5. My headless Raspberry Pi server (pi, lego, linux)
  6. Adding IR to your Raspberry Pi (pi, linux)
  7. ? (pi, xbmc)
  8. ? (pi, lego)
  9. ? (pi, lego)
  10. ? (pi, lego)
  11. ? (pi, lego)
  12. ? (pi, xbmc)
  13. ? (light-side)
  14. ? (pi, xbmc)
  15. ? (pi, xbmc)
  16. ? (pi, xbmc)
  17. ? (linux)
  18. ? (linux)
  19. ? (pi, xbmc)
  20. ? (light-side)
First post will be posted tonight.

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