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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Simplistic slim Raspberry Pi model A red lego case [day 8 of 20-days-of-posts series]

Intention: To be used as a small travel Raspberry pi that can be used with displays on-the-go (such as lapdocks)

  • Raspberry Pi (model A -- memory: 256MB, 1 USB port, no ethernet)
  • class 10 SD card (32GB)
  • No need for the VIDEO port (going to use HDMI)
  • No need for AUDIO jack (going to use HDMI)
  • No need to access camera port, GPIO pins, etc

Like with most of my lego projects, I don't provide full schematics and block lists.  My opinion is that if you have unused lego that you can use for a project like this, you make use of what you have, improvising as you go.

This is the smallest Pi case that I could make, ideal for travelling.

Left-side view:

We have access to the USB port.  The Raspberry Pi LEDs are viewable through a window.

We can see the height of the case is exactly 2 + 1/3rd lego bricks high.  The width is 10 lego bricks.

Right-side view:

The SD card slot is accessible and the SD card sits flush to the case.  The micro USB power port is exposed for easy access.

Back-side view:

An opening is provided for eacy access to the HDMI port.

We can see the length of the case is 14 lego bricks in size.

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