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Monday, 23 December 2013

tvScheduler for XBMC [day 15 of 20-days-of-posts series]

A tv scheduler add-on for XBMC
A video add-on for XBMC that enables playback of videos that are listed in a Google Spreadsheet.
Supports [Tested on]: All XBMC 12 and 12.2 including Linux, Windows, OS X, Raspberry Pi Android, Pivos, iOS (including ATV2)
The plugin uses the Google Spreadsheet API 3.
Getting Started: 1) download the .zip file 2) transfer the .zip file to XBMC 3) in Video Add-on, select Install from .zip
Before starting the add-on for the first time, either "Configure" or right click and select "Add-on Settings". Enter your fully-qualified Username (including or @domain) and Password.
Current Version: v0.1.0
  • first public release

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